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Why everyone should consider counseling

Once upon a time, we would ask a parent or grandparent for advice. We would confide in childhood friends, or the friendly neighbor who knew us since birth. But today, due to school, work, or just the ease of relocating, many of us do not live close to home and few have the kind of close relationships we could call a "confidant." We are an increasingly transient society with increasing demands on our time and resources. But we are no less in need of trusted support. In fact, we may need it more now than ever.

From work stress to parenting struggles, social anxiety to school pressure, childhood trauma to marriage conflict... we all deal with experiences, even positive ones (ever planned a wedding?!), that strain our mental and emotional limits. And what are our limits? How do we handle change or adversity? How SHOULD we handle it - what's normal?

Today, counselors fill the roles that family, friends and trusted community members once filled. Counselors listen, teach, encourage, provide emotional support, and serve as confidants, comforters, mentors and accountability partners. Good counselors not only create a safe environment (think front-porch-swing-in-a-friendly-neighborhood kind of safe), they also build a relationship with clients that is comfortable, real and honest.

Whatever daily or larger-than-life struggle you are facing, and whatever soft or tough-love approach you looking for, there is a counselor for you. And it is worth the effort to find him (or her). Counseling is an investment in your health, your relationships and your well-being. Its an investment you can't afford to pass up. You deserve it!

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